Parents Of Students

"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity - 1 Timothy 4:12

Welcome to the newly renovated and current Parents of Students page! Here you can find resources for our weekly discussions, brochures for upcoming events, even fill out registration and medical release forms!

Use this resource wisely, many of these forms can be used at home to continue discussions that are started on in our group on Wednesday and Sunday. 

Our "Wading Through" series makes great dinner discussion. This series is made up of a question posed once a month by Shawn geared to make you think. These questions aren't answered in one word, or often even one sitting! Get those bibles out and dive deep!

If you are not currently sebscribed to our parent email, or would like to see something that is not featured, please contact Shawn Saiger at


Wednesday Night Discussions

Hebrews 9-10 Lesson
pdf224 KB10/20/2016
Hebrews 6 Lesson
pdf37 KB10/17/2016
Hebrews 5 Lesson
pdf33 KB10/17/2016
Hebrews 4 Lesson
pdf56 KB10/17/2016

Sunday Morning Discussions

Thankful in Praise
11/21/2016docx119 KB11/21/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 9
12/04/2016pdf328 KB12/04/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 8
12/04/2016pdf240 KB12/04/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 7
10/19/2016pdf43 KB10/19/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 6-2
10/17/2016pdf45 KB10/17/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 6
10/17/2016pdf43 KB10/17/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 5-2
10/17/2016pdf49 KB10/17/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 5
10/17/2016pdf44 KB10/17/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 4-2
10/17/2016pdf75 KB10/17/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 4
10/17/2016pdf37 KB10/17/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 3
10/17/2016pdf31 KB10/17/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 2
10/17/2016pdf36 KB10/17/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 10
12/04/2016pdf233 KB12/04/2016
Gospel Identity Lesson 1
10/17/2016pdf40 KB10/17/2016

Misc. Resources

Winter Camp 2017
10/17/2016pdf2 MB10/17/2016
10/17/2016pdf25 KB10/17/2016