Mission Partners

Reaching the world . . .

We partner with a wide variety of missions by supporting them financially. We also organize short-term mission teams to work at some of our missions. 

Check out the links on the right hand-side of this page to learn about the great work our mission partners are doing, and to link to their websites. 

You can help by . . .

Giving money: Sometimes, the best way you can help a faraway mission is by supporting it financially. Donations are often their sole source of income.

Giving your time: Missions sometimes need volunteers to raise funds, do administrative work, or sit on a board of directors. This work is done behind the scenes, but it can be vital to a mission's survival.  

Working at a mission: You may be blessed with a "hands-on" opportunity to visit a mission and serve there. If that happens, jump on it. Internships and church mission trips will change your world view forever! If you would like to join one of our mission teams, contact our office.