Hope for Cambodia

Christopher LaPel, a Cambodian-born Los Angeles pastor, founded Hope For Cambodia. Hope trains pastors, plants churches and seeks to bring the hope of Christ to Cambodia. A country ravaged by war and poverty, Cambodia is a Buddhist country. The goal of this mission is to plant a Christian church in every town in Cambodia. Hope has planted more than 150 churches since 1992, with a combined weekly attendance of more than 7,500 people.

Twice a year, 300-400 church workers come to Hope's Leadership Training Institute where they receive intensive training and fellowship. This is the only support these workers receive.

The Hope Bible Institute was founded in 2006, and trains Cambodian men and women to become pastors. The institute has the capacity to train 55 men and women at a time for a three-year period. Many graduates become church planters.  

Hope For Cambodia was given the rights to translate and publish the NIV Children’s Bible. Poe and Molly Ouklore completed the translation and lead a children’s ministry in the villages of Cambodia.

Christopher LaPel and Hope for Cambodia have an amazing story to tell.

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Lamp Lighters World Ministries
Sri Lanka

Steve and Shanthi Bycroft established Lamp Lighters in May 2000. Their ministry goal was to establish churches in Sri Lanka and in countries where Sri Lankans had immigrated. Since then, they have expanded their goal to include "countries where the gospel has not been preached or limited work has been done." 

Lamplighters has established five churches in Sri Lanka, and also works with Sri Lankan churches in the Netherlands and Belgium. Along with missionary "Minister Rennie," Lamplighters has also planted a non-Sri Lankan church in Trinidad. 

The Bycrofts are currently building an orphanage in Sri Lanka, and have nine orphans living with them.

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