The Anna Enoch Orphanage
Liberia, Africa

At the Anna Enoch Orphanage, Steven and Anna Enoch provide a home for 80 children. Most of them were orphaned by Liberia's long, brutal civil war. The facilities are simple, and the children have very little by our standards. But, unlike most Liberian orphans, they have a place to live, food to eat, a school, and people to care for them and teach them about God.

In addition to the orphanage, Steven (a pastor) and Anna have built a church and an elementary school on the mission property for the entire community. Currently, they are building a high school.  

See a great video about the orphanage on the White Fields Overseas Evangelism website 

We support Anna Enoch through donations. One of our members, Carol Arthington, traveled to the orphanage several years ago. She took educational supplies to the school, and she worked with the teachers there. Carol fell in love with this mission, and continues to help them in every way she can. The mission has even named one of its little buildings after her.