All About LIFT

How Much Does it Cost?

Registration for the Fall LIFT 12-week program costs $30/child or $75/family max.

Spring LIFT 14-week program is $10/child for RETURNING children who already paid $30 in fall. NEW families starting in spring will pay the $30 initial registration fees.

Please visit our Registration Page for more details.

What does my child receive upon registration?

  • Sturdy tote bag

  • Colored LIFT logo t-shirt

  • Bible Memory Verse Punch Card to keep.

  • Bible Memory Verse Awards lanyard and pin(s) at end of semester ceremony if they have said their memory verses each week
  • Registration fees also help cover the costs of classroom supplies, weekly prizes, Christmas Party in Dec, Closing Party in May, and more! 

Who teaches the classes?

At LIFT, we are blessed to have many amazing volunteers, including parents, grandparents and other adult volunteers who have all been background checked. We also have wonderful youth helpers assisting our adults. All volunteers are trained in our safety & security procedures, which are reviewed at the beginning of each semester. 

What if my child has allergies?

No problem. We receive your specific information and will accommodate children with allergies.

What can I do to help?

See our volunteer page for information.

What if I have more questions?

It's no problem. Please feel free to email Crystal with any questions!!